Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween: Nevermore

While I've already written about my one obscure involvement in something to do with a video game, there's another story that at least touches upon the subject.

When I had just started working in animation (and a lot more time on my hands), I liked to come up with potential premises for animated projects which I'd also illustrate to a point. One of these premises was "Nevermore", a mystery-adventure show concept borrowing elements from classic horror literature.

A crafty friend of mine from America who at the time was looking to break into the video game industry liked the concepts and even took a character design of a classic monster and had it made into a CG model.


He even managed to approach an actual game studio with something of a pitch that we cooked up together, but nothing more ever came of the idea.
Although I have a hard time looking at things I drew more than two years ago, I don't find this Mr Hyde design I did in 2008 entirely terrible. The CG model is a little low-poly but keep in mind this was done at a time when the Nintendo Wii had its foot firmly in the console gaming market.
To date this is the only instance in which a character design of mine was ever translated into 3D.